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“These lists are a source of information and debate to help guide you to discover new and better musicians, bands, albums, and songs that may truly be of interest to you,” (taken directly from the main music list page).

The site, DigitalDreamDoor, contains a vast collection of frequently updated lists which rank virtually anything in music. Because it is impossible to claim that something is better than another in the world of music, I often cringe at the thought of a music list. But this is different than any other simple list. Believe me when I say this is so much more!

For each list, the criteria is clearly established at the top of the page. Through my own thorough observation of this site, I came to see that these rankings strongly reflect the criteria. And by no means was the criteria manipulated to enforce the opinions of the creators. They are all crucial to establishing what’s great and what’s not. This site is legitimate!

The variety of lists is endless, and yet still expanding! There are rankings ranging from general artists to instrument-specific musicians and songs to guitar solos. And almost every genre imaginable has been covered (hip-hop, classical, blues, rock, jazz, metal, etc.). Also, it’s got lists for different time periods so all you oldies won’t feel left out. If you can’t find the list you’re looking for, it’s probably in progress. Don’t believe me? Click here and check the forum!

The forum is my favourite part of this site, despite the depth and thought of every list. In the forum, all the dedicated users engage in gripping debates, expressing their own opinions on changes they think should be made to lists (if any). Simply reading this stimulates your musical appreciation more than you can ever imagine! Even the site administrators acknowledge this and often take part in these discussions. And though these forums may seem like a mere guide to personal understanding, it plays a role in the bigger picture.

The administrators use what they grasp from the forum discussions and consider the opinions of all the users when creating or editing a list. They even post inside the forums the changes they’re making and the underlying reasons, which are often a result of user opinions. But it is unavoidable that disillusioned people thinking they have knowledge make absurd posts. The management of DDD, however, is more than capable of separating strong opinions from the weak ones. They also recognize and acknowledge mistakes and fix them accordingly.

Now if you choose to go to this site, do not simply forge these lists into your head. Think about the opinions expressed and take a stance on them. This site is not a tool of indoctrination; it is one of enlightenment. Go to this site and enhance your musical enjoyment!

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  1. axirr
    January 10, 2009 at 4:42 pm

    Interesting site that has a ton of stuff on it. My question for you is now that I have all this good information, what program should I use to download songs. I don’t like torrenting individual songs and IMO most artists aren’t good enough to torrent the whole album. What do you use for downloading music.

  2. brainlaw
    January 10, 2009 at 11:30 pm

    limewire pro lulz

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  2. December 8, 2009 at 10:10 am

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