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Chickenfoot: Review

Chickenfoot… coming soon! The band is a supergroup consisting of Sammy Hagar and Michael Anthony (ex-Van Halen) on vocals and bass respectively, Chad Smith (Red Hot Chili Peppers) on drums, and Joe Satriani (solo) on guitar. The name of the debut album  is… (drum roll)… Chickenfoot. It is to be released on June 5 in Europe and June 9 in the States. Most people think the band name is plain awful. However, they surely won’t be thinking that about the music.



The Music (rating: B)

  1. Avenida Revolution
  2. Soap on a Rope
  3. Sexy Little Thing
  4. Oh Yeah
  5. Runnin’ Out
  6. Get it Up
  7. Down the Drain
  8. My Kinda Girl
  9. Learning to Fall
  10. Turnin’ Left
  11. Future in the Past

First Single: Oh Yeah

What would you expect from this album? Maybe the hard, rocking-style of Van Halen? Or maybe the funkish, popish style of Red Hot Chili Peppers? Or possibly the heavy, futuristic sound of Satriani? Well in this album, you get all of that. Chickenfoot shouldn’t be compared to any of it’s component bands because it is a mesh of completely different types of music.

However, I found it rather easy to pinpoint who was the musical mastermind behind each section in the album. Each individual’s style and musical approach can be distinctly heard in this album. However, I felt that a song on the album was basically a collection of song segments from each individual pieced into one whole. I was hoping to see all their styles compliment each other in every section of a song. Despite this, the song would not feel disjointed or unnatural in any way (though it could be more fluent). But considering the differences in the musical direction of each musician, it would be extremely difficult to satisfy my hopes of this album, and the band still did a great job.

The general style of the album is hard rock, though it does have a bluesy touch. I would say none of the songs are as heavy as to be classified as metal, or as mellow as pop rock. That being said, this album does give forth tons of variety. After listening to the first three songs, I remember thinking to myself “Is this the same album?” Yes it’s all hard rock, but there are alot of different tempos, modes, key changes, beats, you name it. Diversity is crucial in an album, for it  helps determine how much can come out of it. Believe me when I say alot can come out of this album.

I’ve listened to this album twice so far and I can honestly say it’s loads of fun! It is easy to notice in the atmosphere in the music. The bandmates love each other and love what they’re doing and are having a blast. Pretty much all the songs (such as “Get It Up” and “Oh Yeah”) are about having fun and just get you groovin’! I mean look at how fun this heat sensitive cover is:

How cool is that?!

How cool is that?!

But in my opinion, fun can only take you so far. I personally find that songs last longer when they are more thoughtful and psychologically stimulating. I found that this was not the case for Chickenfoot thematically. And the immature themes of the songs in a sense constrain the music itself to feel immature. I definitely enjoyed the whole album on my first two listens, but I know that the album will completely wear out on me after just a few more listens. However, this portion of the review is very subjective and will spark some disagreement in my grading. It’s just my personal opinion.

Inidividually, each band member performs quite well in my opinion. Joe Satriani shows a side of him that we rarely get to see and it is awesome. He has some great rhythm parts (though rather basic for his taste) and cool solos with some wicked guitar fills. Sammy Hagar‘s vocals display nothing technically stellar. However, the vocal lines feel very inspired and suitable to the album. The bass performance from Michael Anthony is awesome in my opinion. He gives groovy basslines as well as killer bass fills when appropriate. Chad Smith has some inventive drum beats and lots of creative drum fills. This album shows why he is one of the better drummers inthe modern rock scene. Each musician holds their own ground throughout this album.

Basically, Chickenfoot is a refreshing new breath in today’s rock scene. They’ve got great style and talent as a band and put out a solid album. If you’re looking for a rock album with great songs and pure fun, this is a purchase-worthy album for you. But if you’re like me and need mental provacation for replay value, this album is probably not purchase-worthy for you. Nonetheless, it is an enjoybale album. It’s all up to preference really.

Chickenfoot is a great band, though I felt the band chemistry has not reached it’s full potential at this point because they have not spent enough time with each other. But if they have future plans together, they will have my full support.

1. “Avenida Revolution” 5:56
2. Soap on a Rope 5:32
3. “Sexy Little Thing” 4:14
4. “Oh Yeah” 4:54
5. “Runnin’ Out” 3:52
6. “Get It Up” 4:41
7. “Down The Drain” 6:17
8. “My Kinda Girl” 4:32
9. “Learning to Fall” 5:13
10. “Turnin’ Left” 5:48
11. “Nights of Love” 5:16
12. “Future in the Past” 6:38
  1. wooten
    June 6, 2009 at 12:41 pm

    Great record. I’m sick of “psychologically stimulating” lyrics. Which, usually translates into the writer’s opinion on politics (more cliche than cars and women). Which, in turn, just pisses off a good percentage of the buyers.

  2. evhryan
    June 8, 2009 at 5:13 pm

    yeah no joke, i hate the whole idea of “psychologically stimulating” lyrics. leave politics out of my art thank you very much.

  3. June 8, 2009 at 8:18 pm

  4. ron
    June 9, 2009 at 5:11 pm

    Since when did psychologically stimulating or mentally stimulating equal political commentary?

  5. CJ
    June 9, 2009 at 5:59 pm

    ever since the first comment said so…

    apparently the ONLY way ur thoughts can be stimulated is by talking about politics…

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