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Heaven and Hell: Live in New York

Tonight, in the WaMu theater in Madison Square Garden, Heaven and Hell brought the finest of metal to NYC. For those who didn’t know, this group consists of the members of the almighty metal bands Black Sabbath and Dio. There’s no doubt the supergroup was able to give the fans a night to remember!

Heaven and Hell

Coheed and Cambria was the opening act. I missed most of their performance, but they received a standing ovation so they must’ve been good. But back to Heaven and Hell…

Heaven and Hell Setlist (August 25th):

  1. The Mob Rules
  2. Children of the Sea
  3. I
  4. Bible Black
  5. Time Machine
  6. Fear
  7. Falling Off the Edge of the World
  8. Follow the Tears
  9. Die Young
  10. Heaven and Hell
  11. (Encore) Neon Knights

Oh, such a wonderful set of songs to play (I think that’s what they were…). They were quite evenly distributed throughout their collection of albums spanning their career. And moreover, some songs were extended with added sections; it gives so much more to the live performance. Speaking on behalf of the metalheads at WaMu tonight, I’d say this was a killer setlist with every bit of it enjoyable.

The sound quality also was great. It was loud, clear, and loud… typical metal concert sound. No single instrument was pre-dominant; all instruments were easy to hear. There were no malfunctions or eardrum explosions, so the sound guys did a great job.

But an even greater job was done by the band themselves! Vocalist, Ronnie James Dio, displayed amazing talent and was pitch on the whole night! Tony Iommi, heavy metal guitar legend, was terrific, showing speed and technicality as well as emotion and grace. Being one of my favourite bassists, Geezer Butler, my expectations were very high for him; he did not disappoint. The H&H drummer, Vinnie Appice, did a good job as well. I thought his fills and beats were rather basic. However, the crowd loved his drum solo; clearly many disagree with me. But still, I stick to what I said in my review of The Devil You Know. Nonetheless, I thought the band performed fantastically, and that’s the important thing.

And last but not least, the crowd… I thought they were decent, but I personally find American crowds (especially NYC) too be a tad spoiled. In the shithole I live in (Western Canada), we appreciate every piece of musical talent that comes our way because we hardly get any. However, this crowd was somewhat loud and did sing along with Dio so I have nothing bad about them, well except that they could have been better.

But overall, this was an excellent concert. Great song choice and great delivery. My ears are ringing but I’m not deaf: awesome! And to top it all off, I’m left wanting more! It goes on, and on, and on… It’s Heaven and Hell!

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