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Rage – Strings to a Web: Review

February 6, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

Strings to a Web is the 19th studio release by the German power metal band, Rage. It was released on February 5. After listening to it, I must say that this band does not get the recognition they deserve.

The Music (rating: A-)

  1. The Edge of Darkness
  2. Hunter and Prey
  3. Into the Light
  4. The Beggar’s Last Dime
  5. Empty Hollow
  6. Empty Hollow II: Strings to a Web
  7. Empty Hollow III: Fatal Grace
  8. Empty Hollow IV: Connected
  9. Empty Hollow V: Reprise
  10. Saviour of the Dead
  11. Hellgirl
  12. Purified
  13. Through Ages
  14. Tomorrow Never Comes

This the first album I’ve heard by Rage. Based on the recent power metal releases I’ve heard (The Legend of the Shadowking, Into the Night), I was not expecting much. However, the difference is vast. Everything from creativity to execution is noteworthy in the context of recent power metal albums. To my pleasant surprise, their sound has subtle resemblances to the American symphonic power metal band, Symphony X. Strings to a Web undeniably offers a great deal of quality to the music scene.

The variety in the album is commendable. It inflates the long-term value of the album. And also, none of the songs in this record seem out-of-place. Despite having a broad range of material, it flows quite smoothly. Yes, it is all metal, but the different moods, atmospheres, and tones add a strong sense of completeness to this album.

Also, the instrumental performance on this album is outstanding. The vocals are decent, the phrasing more so than the technicality. But the guitar work is stellar, from the crafty riffs to the beautiful solos. The drums are great support and have the occasional flashy moment. The same can be said about the bass. In this album, Rage shows technicality that should not go unheard.

In addition, the musicianship, though not highly inventive, is excellent. The transitions between (and within) songs work smoothly. Also, the progressive elements throughout the album are incorporated finely and elevate it beyond the power metal genre. Keyboards and strings are occasionally used and not at all overdone. In fact, they’re perfect in adding to the right moments. Nevertheless, nothing shockingly new is offered in this album.

That being said, there is much to gain from Strings to a Web. Though the innovation is not quite above and beyond, the execution surely is. That is not to say there is an absence of creativity, just that nothing extraordinarily new can be heard. Nonetheless, the musicality and technicality in this album are highly appreciable. Without doubt, this is a must hear for any power metal fan.

  1. sve
    February 9, 2010 at 8:06 am

    The first album you heard by RAGE????

    You have then tons of work…. :D

    It´s a great album, all RAGE albums since “perfect man” are good technically, but they have better albums like “Trapped” “United” “Black in mind” ….

  2. Brandon
    September 18, 2010 at 7:47 pm

    I’ll have to add The Missing Link to your list of great rage albums!

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