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Skyliner – Skyliner (Demo): Review

February 26, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

Formed in Jacksonville, Florida, the progressive-power metal band Skyliner released an eponymous demo recording in 2008/2009. Though it is noticeably under-produced, there is much recognizable potential in this recording. The band has the tracks posted on their MySpace.

The Music (rating: B+)

  1. Symphony in Black
  2. Vendetta
  3. Aria of the Waters

Aside from the overall sound quality, the demo is solid. The general sound shares many similarities with Queensrÿche and Blind Guardian, but also has subtle resemblances with bands like Rage. It is primarily a power metal album, but does include numerous aspects of progressive metal. Though the sound has a very vintage 80’s metal feel, it is quite refreshing in the modern scene.

It is highly respectable how the band stays true to the music. Despite not having made their way into the big picture (yet), the band still refuses to compromise their music to do so. The songs are long but do not feel that way; a very important characteristic of progressive metal. And also, the vocal phrasing is not forcibly catchy yet still rather memorable. It is rare to find bands, such as Skyliner, that put the music first and foremost above everything else.

However, the instrumentals are not overly impressive. The heart of this album comes from its musicianship rather than its performance. Much of the drumming is basic snare-hi hat with standard fills and the occasional creative rhythm line. That being said, it is good support for the inventive guitar riffs (especially “Symphony in Black”). Still, the other instruments do not have as strong a presence as the rhythm guitar. The vocals are well-phrased, but from a technical standpoint are short of spectacular. The same goes for the guitar solos. Nonetheless, the demo has decent instrumentals that can survive in the scene.

The most standout component of the songwriting in the album is the rhythm guitar. The riffs spark much interest and are well-supported by the instruments (in particular, the vocal phrasing). For the most part, it feels as though every other instrument works towards amplifying the potential of the guitar-work, and are successful at doing so.

Accounting for the need for higher quality production, the demo is a strong effort by Skyliner. There is clearly much potential in this band. After fine-tuning the songs, as well as overall sound quality, Skyliner may very likely have a high quality product to release.

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