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Back in Business

It feels great to be back! My computer is fixed enough that I can blog again. However, finals are just around the corner, so I cannot say how much more active the blog will be. Still, it’s nice to have the opportunity.

During my unexpected absence, I had not come across any new releases. But I was killing time at HMV the other day and I came across Dio’s Holy Diver for six dollars. What a steal! Holy Diver is the debut album of metal icon, Ronnie James Dio.  It is a wonderful album, but of course I knew that before buying it.

I have also been consistently listening to Out of Myself, the debut album of the Polish progressive metal band, Riverside. As stated in my March 2010 recap, it was my favorite album last month. It takes the ambient approach to progressive music, as opposed to the highly complex. Nonetheless, it exemplifies a high level of musicianship. Riverside has quickly grown to be among my favorite bands, and Out of Myself has become one of my favorite albums.

One of the upcoming releases that I am highly anticipating is that by Wuthering Heights. The album is called SALT and is to be available sometime this month. I had first listened to them at the beginning of this year, and the strong impression they left is still lasting. In the past week, I listened to The Shadow Cabinet at least three times, yet it has not even come close to losing its value on me. I hope the upcoming album is able to match the quality of its predecessor; a difficult task for the band to achieve.

Contrary to what is shown, not all is well. A band under Century Media is to release an abomination to the music scene. I attempted to listen to them, but they are absolutely intolerable. Based on the band’s name, one can only expect so much. Their name is… check this… brace yourself… the name of the band is… Vampires Everywhere! And yes, the exclamation mark is part of their name.

This is obviously an appeal to teenage monkeys who are musically (and maybe mentally) handicapped; the same depraved, decrepit souls who enjoy the Twilight movies. The comments on the youtube videos (which I will not pollute this site with) are often either from a rational person saying, “these guys suck,” or a mentally disturbed young female blurting, “the lead singer is so hot, these guys are awesome!” Okay, no and no… Screaming, auto-tune, emo-image, and musically retarded individuals; these are the things bringing apocalypse upon the world of music. Funny how they all describe this band perfectly…

I think I speak on behalf of everyone with a smidgen of common sense in the music world when I say, “let there be more musicians and less vampires”.

  1. Sahil
    April 12, 2010 at 11:46 am

    I could have told you all that about Vampires Everywhere! just by looking at their picture.

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