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Fall of the Republic

I recently watched a conspiracy documentary called Fall of the Republic by Alex Jones. While doing research on Jon Schaffer’s side project, Sons of Liberty, I came across this video. It’s about 2.5 hours long, but I found it rather intriguing and enjoyable.

Like most conspiracy films, the whole idea is quite far-fetched and hard to believe. Jones is basically saying that the bankers of the United States are on the verge of a global takeover, and those involved in assisting this include Al Gore and our current president, Barack Obama. Though there are some hard facts that show that the agendas of the two aforementioned individuals are not exactly as they are portrayed by the media, it is ridiculous to say that they are compliant in a world domination plot by the bankers. And yes, the film refers to the masterminds as “the bankers”. There are not even any names to link any of this conspiracy to.

However, I will not disregard Jones completely. There may be some truth to this. He may actually be suggesting that the general mindset and intent of high-scale money lenders as well as the system they operate under will inevitably lead us along the path to our own demise. He does not explicitly say this in the film, possibly because it the ambiguity of his words sparks interest. On the other hand, I think it detracts from the credibility of the theory.

But there are hard facts that should be taken in from this regarding the politicians and the media. The first fact is how empty the hopeful promises of Barack Obama are. He has said much to the faces of the public, but ends up finding a way around it which makes it technically true, but realistically false. It shows there is a lot of politics and deceit involved behind the scene. And also, there are questions raised regarding Al Gore and the issue on man-driven global warming. I’m not necessarily agreeing with the documentary in that it is part of the plot in taking over the world, but maybe Gore isn’t the nice guy everyone sees him to be. He may or may not have hidden motives, but what I dislike about his policy is how he publicizes human activity driving the climate change as a fact. It is a heavy impedance of science and progress, like the enforcement of the geocentric model prior to heliocentrism. And I would also imagine that he is collecting a large sum of wealth. Perhaps Al Gore is a different type of green person, it’s hard to tell.

My main reason for liking this film is not the facts themselves, but what Alex Jones uses them to promote. He says it at least twice explicitly in the documentary that he is trying to free our minds from the conformist mindset which the media (especially television) forces upon us. It’s basic but crucial: “think for yourself”. This is the same type of message commonly portrayed by many of my favorite bands, including Queensrÿche and Tool. The theme is simple, yet so deep.

What I found interesting about the documentary is that it opposes its own discouragement of hidden agendas. Although it presents itself as an edgy conspiracy film, Fall of the Republic is actually trying to push the idea of individual thought. But unlike in politics, this practice is used for good. It’s a great film to check out… think about it!

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  1. May 13, 2010 at 5:12 pm

    sorry I was out of town so I couldn’t get back to you in time about this. I’ll check out the movie soon I promise.

    • CJ
      May 13, 2010 at 6:41 pm

      lol dun worry bout it, you really don’t have to i just found it interesting :P

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