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Enforcer – Diamonds: Review

On May 24, the Swedish heavy metal band, Enforcer, released their second album entitled Diamonds. Despite having heard their debut release, I would still safely say that this album will not be as well received. That is not to say it is a bad album. There are some who hate it and some who love it; I feel closer to the latter.

The Music (rating: B+)

  1. Midnight Vice
  2. Roll the Dice
  3. Katana
  4. Running in Menace
  5. High Roller
  6. Diamonds
  7. Live For the Night
  8. Nightmares
  9. Walk With Me
  10. Take Me to Hell

Diamonds has a very vintage feel due to the production and the general musical style. It reminisces 70’s Judas Priest in many ways – fast, single-pedal drums, hard guitar riffs, high-pitched vocals, and so on. The album is very fast, but not heavy in comparison to the rest of the metal genre. And also, it is very raw, relying on flashy guitar riffs to drive the music (as Metallica’s Ride the Lightning does).

However, the instruments contribute as much as the guitars do. The most impressive is the vocals, though there are some who disagree with that statement. But the vocalist has a stellar range and is extremely consistent throughout registers. Not much is shown in terms of control and dynamics, though that is not what the style of music is going for. The bass and drums are also very well executed, giving solid support for the vocal phrasing. Particularly, the bass is effective at stepping into the spotlight when warranted. And as forementioned, the guitars give flashy riffs in which the music seems to revolve around. They are above standard but not too standout, and the same goes for the solos. Still, it is no doubt a good performance for the guitarists. All instruments are performed well, but not excellent.

In my opinion, Diamonds is weakest in its creativity. All the songs are rather familiar to the 70’s speed metal style, and do not offer much new. And with respect to the instruments, though they are well done, they could have come from many bands from the early speed metal era. Nonetheless, they came from Enforcer and are decent in performance.

But also, almost every song is basically the same style: fast-paced with flashy riffs. They seem too similar to one another and do not offer a whole lot other than solid speed metal. It’s good for those who love the same style of music, but not so much for the others who are looking for more. All in all, Diamonds is somewhat lackluster regarding diversity.

But overall, Enforcer has shown themselves to be a talented band, giving a strong release. It has its weaknesses but is definitely filled with counteracting strengths. The album is instrumentally sound, but is somewhat shallow in its inventiveness. It also does not offer much content outside the vintage speed metal style. But for fans of the particular style, Diamonds is an album you should hear.

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