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Masterplan – Time to Be King: Review

Masterplan, with respected vocalist Jørn Lande, released a new album on May 21 entitled Time to Be King. The album marks the return of Lande after departing from the band before the previous album. It is a welcome comeback for the vocalist, as this album is a strong release for the band.

The Music (rating: B+)

  1. Fiddle of Time
  2. Blow Your Winds
  3. Far from the End of the World
  4. Time to Be King
  5. Lonely Winds of War
  6. The Dark Road
  7. The Sun is in Your Hands
  8. The Black One
  9. Blue Europa
  10. Under The Moon

The music is no doubt under heavy influence of Lande. He has participated in many projects (Allen/Lande, ARK, Avantasia, etc.), and though each is different, they all have a distinct Lande polish to them. Time to Be King is no exception. It is very melodic, and generally heavy/power metal with subtle progressive elements. There are mellow sections, but nothing uncommon to the melodic power metal scene. The sound is full and produced, as opposed to the rawness of early power metal (Gamma Ray, Helloween, etc.).

All the instruments are well performed on this album. Being a Lande fan, I particularly enjoy the vocals. They generally are not in his top ranks, but that is a difficult feat to accomplish. He still displays his great technical talent and phrasing abilities. The guitar and bass are both excellent in supporting Lande’s voice. Some guitar riffs are quite intriguing, while others are effective but rather standard. The same goes for the basslines. As for the drums, nothing is done overly memorable. Still, the drummer serves as effective support. The keyboards are predominantly used in the background to create atmosphere and enhance emotion, and do so effectively. But the instruments mostly serve as steady ground for the vocals.

A minor issue with the album is the shortage of innovation. It does not offer much variety with respect to Lande’s collection, or to the power metal genre for that matter. The album is too safe, void of any large musical risks. Because of this, the necessity of hearing this album is largely compromised. The music can be found elsewhere (specifically in Lande’s catalog). However, the effort and execution on Time to Be King are highly respectable and overcome the lack of adventure.

Overall, this album is very good. There are no bad songs on the album, but there are no doubt songs that stand out more than others. My personal favorite is “The Dark Road” because of its dynamic nature and complexity, as well as the epic recurring theme. I would definitely recommend Time to Be King, but not as a must-hear. For those who love the style, there is much enjoyment awaiting in this album.

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