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InnerWish – No Turning Back: Review

On May 28, the heavy/power metal band InnerWish released their fourth studio album entitled No Turning Back. It has been a four-year wait for InnerWish fans, but it is not at all a disappointment. The album is, in many ways, a very strong release.

The Music (rating: B+)

  1. The Signs of Our Lives
  2. Chosen One
  3. Burning Desires
  4. No Turning Back
  5. Sirens
  6. Save Us
  7. Last Breath
  8. Lawmaker
  9. Welcome to My World
  10. Kingdom of Our Prime
  11. Full of Lust
  12. Live for My Own

The album is on the heavier side of power metal, having a sound resembling bands like Primal Fear and Judas Priest (in Painkiller). Guitar and vocals are the main instruments, using keyboards, drums, and bass as supporting roles as bands often do. Most of the songs are consistently heavy, but there are exceptions such as “Kingdom of Our Prime” and “Live for My Own”. But there is no chance of mistaking No Turning Back for anything other than a heavy/power metal album.

Even though there are distinct “primary” and “supporting” roles among the instruments, all do a fine job on the album. A collection of good riffs and solid solos are given by the guitarist. Also, the vocalist shows great range and power which accompany his decent phrasing. The drums enhance the performances of the other instruments and occasionally give a flashy fill. The bass and keyboards are more often than not in the background, filling the empty spaces and doing a fine job of it. Actually, the keyboards give some nice background melodies, but are sometimes drowned out by the guitar. There are no overall complaints with the instruments, but no overly outstanding performances either.

The biggest downfall in this album (as I’ve found common in many albums) is the lack of distinct ingenuity. That is not to say this album is standard. No Turning Back is a high level execution and a grasping heavy/power metal listen. Creativity is not in absence. However, the album is creative within the confines of the genre. Nothing extraordinarily new or unique is offered with these songs. But they are assembled very well and that in itself is a truly notable aspect.

For fans of InnerWish or the heavy/power metal style, this is an album to be heard. It has good instrumentals all around (especially the vocals) and great craftsmanship. But because of its loyalty to the style, it is slightly generic, consequently losing some of its value. My numerous listens through the album were consistently enjoyable. However, No Turning Back is an album that I will not be turning back to.

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