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Delain – Lucidity: Impression

I listened to Delain‘s reissue of their 2006 release, Lucidity, a few days ago. It was mailed over to me by the generous folks from Earsplit. Overall, I thought it was above average. Symphonic metal albums often fail to be unique, and this is no exception. Lucidity had very little to offer creatively, other than a female vocalist which is rather uncommon in the metal scene. However, it has been done before, and better than in this album. But still, the deliverance is decent. The songs are somewhat enjoyable on the first listen, but I have doubts regarding their long-term value. The record has its moments, as well as its dry patches. On average it turns out to be a good album, but not one I’d recommend as a must-hear.

My Impression: B

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