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[Recap] June 2010

A lovely June has passed, and The Golden Bird would like give thanks for your comments and views. It has been inconsistent regarding the amount of activity on the site, but hopefully July will see better days. Also, I apologize for the lateness of this recap, for I have been on vacation for the past few days. But I’m back now, ready to blog, ready to reminisce upon this past month. There’s not too much to talk about, but it includes the following:

  • Album of the Month
  • The Contenders
  • Earsplit/Sensory
  • Interviews
  • Iron Maiden
  • My personal favorites of the month

There haven’t been too many great releases this month, but one has definitely stood out to me. The Album of the Month is:

Album of the Month: Irradiance (Canvas Solaris)

Canvas Solaris is a new band to me, but they have already released four well-received albums. Their newest release, Irradiance, should be acclaimed no less than their former material. It is high-end, ultra-technical progressive instrumental metal. The level of diversity is remarkable, as is the uniqueness of the sound. The absence of vocals are easily compensated by the instrumental execution. Without doubt, this is a fine release which will only further the band in their careers.

The Contenders

There weren’t too many reviews posted last month, so I guess you could say that Irradiance had an easy win. But one album managed to put up a good fight.

On June 8, the progressive thrash band Nevermore released the long-awaited album entitled The Obsidian Conspiracy. It is no doubt an excellent piece of work which fans will surely enjoy. Though it may not be as strong as their former releases, it is far from disappointing. Nevermore is touring North America this fall, and this album is enough to bring me to their show.

The “Godfather of Metal,” Ozzy Osbourne, released his latest album on June 15. The album is Scream, and just like Chris Cornell’s album of the same name, it is an utter disappointment. For someone as revered as Ozzy, it is extremely difficult to live up to expectations. However, this album does not even come close! The guitar is decent, but unable to save the album. Ultimately, the downfall comes from the musical approach. It reflects what is expected from mainstream radio rock bands such as Nickelback; simple, annoying, unimaginative music. As much as I respect Ozzy for what he has done for metal, I hope this album forces him out of the scene and into retirement. It’s time to call it quits.

Danzig, another highly influential figure, also put out a new record this month. It is named Deth Red Sabaoth, and was released on June 22. Contrary to the general consensus, I despise the album. I thought the songs were much too repetitive within themselves to the point of intolerable irritation. At first listen, the riffs sound decent, but after a mere minute into the song I realized that I had been listening to the same simple riff for a whole minute. Okay, it might not be that bad, others strongly disagree with me. Unlike the Ozzy album, I won’t put it down immediately. But from where I saw things, it was not looking so good.


Near the beginning of June, I received my first shipment from Earsplit. They included two albums released under Sensory. One of them was the album of the month (Irradiance), the other was a re-issue Lucidity from the symphonic metal band Delain. It was a decent album, but much too generic for my taste. I won’t be revisiting that one, but I am looking forward to more of what Earsplit has to offer.

But this shipment is only part of what the generous folks from Earsplit have done for me…


On the side bar, there is a new category: Interviews. Currently, there are only two bands, Wuthering Heights and Haken (both from Sensory). Still, they are two bands which have earned my highest regard, and it was my pleasure to be able to interview them. In the future, I’m hoping to fill up the category with more quality musicians such as the two aforementioned. Both interviews were conducted through the help of Earsplit. Check them out:

Wuthering Heights


Iron Maiden

The highlight of my June was definitely the Iron Maiden concert (with progressive metal icons Dream Theater opening). Although I was hoping for a little more than I got, I feel nowhere near let down. In previous concerts, both bands put out indescribable shows; I can’t speak as highly of this one. Nonetheless, the concert was excellent in every way. For both bands, the sound, the crowd, and the band were all great. Being the headliners, Iron Maiden had much more freedom with their show. Still, Dream Theater did a top-notch job for an opening band. It was an amazing concert worth every penny.

Also, there is a new Maiden album coming out. It is The Final Frontier, and already as a single out for it (“El Dorado“). As they said on stage, you can download the album, but it’ll sound a shitload better on the CD. Keep an eye out for it!

Favorites of June

For me, there were clear winners for my favorite music of June. That is not to say they are clearly better than the rest of the music out there, just that I have given them most of my attention at this time.

My favorites of the month have been:

  • Band: Pain of Salvation
  • Album: Burn the Sun (ARK)
  • Song: “The Horizon Feasts on Stars” (Canvas Solaris, Irradiance)

That’s it for this June. Looking back at it, the month seemed rather empty on the site. I’ll try to get more quality material up and running this next month (though I’m already running late). Thanks for tuning in, everyone!

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