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Juvaliant Interview

Thomas Strübler, of the symphonic power metal newcomers Juvaliant, recently took the time to conduct an email interview with The Golden Bird. Early last month, the band released their first album entitled Inhuman Nature, and it was met with praise all-around (including here). For those interested to know more about the album and/or band, the interview follows.

Thomas Strübler

The Interview:

Describe how Juvaliant came to be – How did you meet one another? Where did the band name come from?

  • Guitarist Robert Schönleitner, drummer Sebastian Lanser, and I (Thomas Strübler) met for the first time twelve years ago. Since then, we were always in contact with each other. Juvaliant was founded by the two guys in 2003 under the name of “Fallen Angel”. Bassist Aleksandar Vešic, keyboardist Saso Gacnik and myself joined in 2006. Shortly after the line-up was complete we decided to change the band name because there were already several bands called “Fallen Angel”. Juvaliant is a word creation with no special meaning. The “Juv” is the beginning of the Latin word “Juvavum” for our hometown Salzburg. And we just combined it with the English word “valiant” because we thought it sounded great :).

Which artists and/or genres have had the greatest influence on your own music? How so?

  • I can only speak for myself. For me, everything started with Iron Maiden – not very exciting, I know :). I was eleven when I got my first Iron Maiden album and since then, metal has been a constant companion for me. But since all of our songs are composed by Robert and Sebastian, there are lots of other influences you can hear on the album. Both of the guys are into more progressive stuff than I am and Sebastian is actually fascinated by epic movie-soundtracks. So there’s a mixture of influences, which probably makes the whole thing interesting.

As a new band entering the music scene, what do you hope to accomplish?

  • Juvaliant is a rather new band, that’s true. But we as musicians have been around for quite a while and have accepted that the chance of getting “big” is very small. Our modest wish is to be able to tour one day and that a sufficient number of people likes our stuff so we can record more albums and do what we love to do.

Describe the song-writing process with Inhuman Nature. Did the music start with one member and build from there? Or was it more of a collective effort?

  • It was mostly the music that came first. Sebastian or Robert or both of them came up with ideas for the songs, and when the structure of the song became clear I started writing the lyrics. For one or two songs I had the lyrics before the songs were composed, but that makes it a lot more difficult, I think. So, Juvaliant’s songwriting process is not really a collective effort – Robert and Sebastian compose the songs, I write the lines.

What is your favorite song on Inhuman Nature? Why?

  • That would be the last one – “Cold Distance of the Universe”. It’s an epic that includes everything Juvaliant is about. On the one hand you have catchy melodies and bombastic choirs. On the other hand, you have the rather complex structure and lots of different moods in the song. Apart from that, I really like the lyrics on that one ;).

Looking back, is there anything you would change about Inhuman Nature? What have you learned from your debut album that you might incorporate into your next?

  • First of all, we know where to save money next time we record an album. You don’t have to spend thousands and thousands of euros on services of a studio when you can do a lot of things on your own. Of course there are certain things you have to do in a professional studio, but things like e.g. guitars or even drums can be recorded in a better rehearsal room as well – if you have the proper equipment.

Do you have any plans for the near future (tours, releases, side projects, etc.)? Are there any particular bands you would like to tour with?

  • There are not really any fixed plans. We are looking for a booking agency right now so we can promote our album live. Of course that also depends on how many people buy our album, so we will watch the sales figures closely :). There are many bands we’d like to tour with, but right now we are not really in the position to choose… it would already be cool to get any offer!

And finally, are there any additional comments you would like to make?

  • Thanks for giving us the chance to present our band to your readers! We hope that the review on your site convinces some of your readers ;). So guys, buy our album; you won’t regret it!

Thanks again to Thomas for the interview, and the rest of Juvaliant for the great music. If you want to see more of this band, buy their album. It is called Inhuman Nature, and there is a review for it right on this site – click here.

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