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Black River – Black’n’Roll: Impression

A few weeks ago, Earsplit sent a shipment of Armoury records. The first one I listened to was Black River‘s 2009 album, Black’n’Roll. If you have not heard of them, Black River is basically a metal supergroup playing hard rock tunes. However, the transition from metal to rock is very  natural. The music suggests the band has been in the genre their whole careers, though the members say otherwise.

That being said, the album does not offer much innovation to the rock scene. The execution is well-done, giving an enjoyable listen to rock fans. But the overall value suffers from it’s simplicity and shallow nature. It does give a harder edge to rock with all the instruments (especially the vocals), almost breaching the border to metal. Still, I would not consider that a rarity which Black River has brought to the music scene.

Black’n’Roll is a good album, and is able to give a couple enjoyable listens. It has decent instruments, but its musicianship does not show a respectable level of depth or maturity. It’s not an album you would need to hear, but it’s a nice treat to stumble upon.

My Impression: B

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