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Firewind – Days of Defiance: Review

October 25, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

On October 25, the new Firewind album is set to be released. It is entitled Days of Defiance, and is to be released through Century Media. After hearing Ozzy’s newest album Scream, I was somewhat intrigued by the guitar work of Gus G (though quite disappointed with the album itself). However, with neither Scream nor Days of Defiance was I truly blown away by the guitar work or even the music altogether.

The Music (rating: B)

  1. The Ark Of Lies
  2. World on Fire
  3. Chariot
  4. Embrace the Sun
  5. The Departure
  6. Heading For The Dawn
  7. Broken
  8. Cold as Ice
  9. Killing in the Name of Love
  10. SKG
  11. Losing Faith
  12. The Yearning
  13. When All Is Said And Done

Days of Defiance is a heavy-power metal album, but more the latter than the former. It is guitar-based, having a strong emphasis on riffs and solos. In fact, there is even a guitar-shred instrumental piece, “SKG”. There are clean, high-ish vocals throughout, mixed with a fair share of double bass drumming. It is a rather typical sound in the power metal scene.

Actually, much of the album is quite generic. Nothing overly inventive is done with the music, though the musicianship is definitely above standard. Still, despite being better than normal, the song structures and the key changing remain somewhat predictable. Even with the diversity of tempos and tones, Days of Defiance seems unable to breach the walls of the genre. Overall, the album is rather standard for power metal.

Its fall to the backdrop may have been avoided by the instrumental performance, but even with the highly hyped Gus G, it is unable to impress. In this album, the instrumentals are far from bad. However, in addition to the more common musical qualities, the instruments are unsuccessful in making the record a hit. The drums and bass do very little outside their role of support, but nonetheless do a fine job, simply nothing spectacular. There are some nice catchy vocal lines, but they are not beaming with inspiration or spontaneity. They are catchy and fitting, although not to be amazed by. The keyboards at times go unnoticed, but do have some decent solos. On guitar, Gus G is definitely the biggest spark. Still, the guitar performance did not live up to the hype-produced expectations of the instrumentalist. There are some very nice riffs, and the solos range from good to great. But after all chatter about Gus G, I am slightly disappointed. There is some well-constructed guitar parts, and the same goes for the rest of the instruments, but nothing that is truly captivating.

Overall, Days of Defiance is a solid album. It executes power metal at a respectable standard, but is not a record I would deem great. Fans of the band, and even some of the genre, would enjoy it. It is good, but rather plain and forgettable. Unfortunately, it is not one that will have a long-term grasp for the old fans, or even a strong pull for potential new ones.

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