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Monster Magnet – Mastermind: Impression

November 8, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

On October 25 this year, the stoner rockers Monster Magnet released their latest album, which is called Mastermind. The record has a rather generic feel. The guitar and vocal tone resembles that of typical hard/stoner rock, as does the music altogether. Although it is not metal, there are similarities between this album and the likes of Astrosoniq and The Sword. The crunched guitars and the vocal style are most contributing to the bands’ ties. However, the quality is substandard to the aforementioned.

Overall, the music is somewhat standard and stale. It is not of poor quality or strenuous to listen to, but it was unable to hold my interest before the halfway point. The musicianship is quite basic and mundane, while the instruments give little to be impressed with. Both the guitar and vocals are basic and merely average. The drums and bass fit the description just as well. Sometimes, the creativity and inspiration of the music itself keeps the lack of instrumental capability unnoticed. But in this case, its mediocre quality matches the ordinary instrumentals. All in all, the music does very little to cross the line that divides the stars from everyone else.

My Impression: B-

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