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Creation’s End – A New Beginning: Review

November 14, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

November 9 was the release date of A New Beginning, the debut album of the New York progressive metal band Creation’s End. Though the band is technically new to the scene, its members have their fair share of experience in the metal scene with bands ranging from Zandelle to James LaBrie’s solo project. The proven talent of the group is clearly transferred onto this creation, giving forth a very solid first album.

The Music (rating: B+)

  1. Of Shadow and Flame
  2. World Holocaust
  3. Hollow
  4. Dissociate
  5. Still Life
  6. Forsaken
  7. Relic
  8. Creation’s End

A New Beginning has a very progressive edge to it. This comes more from its long, non-standard song structuring mostly, but also its musical and instrumental complexity. There are some shared qualities with this album and some of Dream Theater’s material. However, this record is less complex and puts a definitively darker tone on the music. It has an epic feel throughout, but also has thrashy sections and  those of quiet desolation. It is quite stylistically well-rounded.

Every band member fulfills their instrumental duties to the finest. The keyboards give a solid collection of sounds and amplifies and manipulates the tone quite well. There are some nice fills and a few standout rhythms regarding the drums, but for the most part they serve as support for the rest of the music to shine. With the guitars, there are great leads and rhythms mixed in with beautiful acoustics. The solos are very well done, and, when they are not intended for sheer rhythmic support, the riffs are exquisite. There are some nice bass grooves, but for the most part it remains holding the foundation. The vocalist is quite talented, showing a hefty range with decent control. I have other preferences to him, but the talent of Creation’s End’s singer is very respectable. In A New Begining, the band shows how truly capable they are at their respective instruments.

However, there are moments throughout where they hold back their talents. There are no weak sections, but there are those that feel as if they are missing something. For example, during a section where there is a palm-muted power chord riff interlaced with snare and hi-hat with a driving bassline, one cannot help but wonder, “should there not be more?” This is not always the case, but it seems to be a recurring problem where the band sits back and lets the music flow, as opposed to passionately driving it through. Sometimes it works, but in this case it does not seem to be the prime option.

Overall, this is a very strong debut album by Creation’s End. For fans of progressive/power/darker metal, this is a definite recommendation. A New Beginning has a fair deal of variety other than its consistently dark tone. The instrumentals are great, as is the songwriting. The only real issue is that it feels a bit held back at times. I truly think the band can do better and I am most certainly hoping so in anticipation for their next release, whenever that may be.

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