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Rhapsody of Fire – The Cold Embrace of Fear (EP): Impression

November 18, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

Earlier this year, Rhapsody of Fire released their album The Frozen Tears of Angels. They did not hesitate to release the follow-up, The Cold Embrace of Fear, in only October. It is a continuation of the long-running concept, which has both ups and downs. On the upside of things, it is an ongoing gift to the loyal fans who have given their attention to the band. However, it is unlikely to attract a new crowd, and if not done correctly, it may even lose fans who have grown out of the concept at this point. Being a newcomer to this band, I am on the latter side of things.

To a new listener, particularly a North American, this album can be disastrously off-putting. For starters, there are numerous sections which are sung in Italian (I believe). It is troubling enough for a set of fresh ears to follow the concept in English; throw in a foreign language and it becomes a train wreck. Most of the spoken word is in English, which is a definite plus. But the fact that there is spoken word means an emphasis on the story. And because it is not a standalone plotline, new listeners get a lesser experience out of the album.

However, the musical content gives satisfaction to the listeners. There are some wonderful symphonic arrangements and musical passages, albeit they can be slightly overdrawn. There are reprisals of sections, which is to be expected from progressive albums. But given that it is just an EP, it can be repetitive. Still, the musical creation is highly appreciable. It is simply not at the level to make up for its negatives. There are some really good and really bad choices regarding this release, balancing out to an average quality EP.

My Impression (rating: B-)

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