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[Recap] January 2011

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Not much has been said on The Golden Bird as of late. I’ve been trying to re-adjust to the busy life, but I think I’m getting back in my groove. Hopefully, February has more to come (though this seems to be a consistent statement). As for January, the recap includes:

  • Album of the Month
  • The other albums…
  • My personal favorites of the month

There were only four albums released in the month of January that I was able to review. I almost considered waiving the Album of the Month until I came across this album:

Album of the Month: Sounds of Violence (Onslaught)

I have not heard any previous material from Onslaught, but Sounds of Violence is a great starting point. It is a very good album, and everything on the musical and instrumental side are of fine taste. The major downfall is with the inability for the record to stretch beyond the grip of the genre. All aspects of the music are done excellently within it, but have not place outside of it. For this reason, I would strongly recommend Sounds of Violence to (and only to) lovers of the heaviest and thrashiest of metal. It is the best album I have heard from this month.

Some Mediocre Metal

Only three other albums of this month found their way to my playlist. The best of them is unfortunately average at best; the others were in the area of disappointment.

On January 12, Stratovarius‘ new release became available. Elysium is not necessarily a bad album, but it is missing much of what is required to achieve greatness. It is rather unidentifiable by style, due to its extreme loyalty to the heavy-power metal genre. But it also does next to nothing on the innovative or instrumental side to become standout. What Elysium gives is a predictable – very possibly meaning boring – listen to music enjoyable by only the most faithful of power metal fans.

Sirenia‘s new album The Enigma of Life came out on January 21, and it is a rather poor album. It makes very little effort to be special in any way. The musicianship is basic and uninteresting, as are the instrumental performances. Even the overall style of the album is quite generic and conformist. Though the vocalist has talent, she does not show enough on this album consistently to salvage it. The Enigma of Life is an album I would recommend listeners to avoid.

Angelmaker is the new Overdrive album which was also released on January 21. If there is one reason to support this album, it is to support the very art of heavy metal. However, there are other albums that are much more praiseworthy than this one. Believe it or not, there are still metal albums being made that are extremely heartfelt and original, as well as those that are technical or musical masterpieces. Sad to say, Angelmaker simply is not one of them.

My January Jukebox

I haven’t really been able to rely on new material to keep me going this month, so most of what I’ve been listening to is old material. By the way, have you heard Star One’s “Digital Rain” yet?

My personal favorites of the month have been:

  • Artist: Iced Earth
  • Album: Streets: A Rock Opera (Savatage)
  • Song: “Digital Rain” (Star One, Victims of the Modern Age)

Well, that’s it for this month. Lots to do inside, as well as outside of, The Golden Bird. Busy, busy! See you all soon!

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