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Emerald Sun – Regeneration: Review

February 22, 2011 Leave a comment Go to comments

On February 11, Emerald Sun released their second and latest album entitled Regeneration. There is very little to be said about this album, other than that it is a very mediocre album…

The Music (rating: B-)

  1. We Won’t Fall
  2. Theater of Pain
  3. Where Angels Fly
  4. Regeneration
  5. Starchild
  6. Speak of the Devil
  7. Planet Metal
  8. Chasing the Wind
  9. Fantasmagoria

Typical power metal characteristics include heavy snare/hi-hat drumming (often with double bass) and powerful guitar riffing (often with speed picking). Vocals are often high-pitched and bass is often a supportive instrument connecting the guitar and drum parts. And most likely, there is a keyboardist who adds the epic feel to the music. Regeneration is all of these; nothing less, nothing more.

With the band name itself, Emerald Sun, one can predict this album to  fall into power metal’s trap of conformism. It does very little to escape what basically all power metal bands try to do. Regeneration is little more than a loyal follower of the genre. For fans of the band and style, this definitely works. However, in the grand scheme of things, this is not but a small spec in the big picture.

The same can basically be said for the instrumentals as with the general musical creation aspect of the record. Regeneration contains rather standard guitar riffs and solos, drum rhythms, basslines, and keyboard parts which can be found anywhere in power metal (at a much higher level with enough research). The vocals are performed quite well, and are definitely the instrumental highlight of the album. That being said, the immaturity and annoyance of the lyrics are an unfortunate anchor to the vocal execution, bringing it down to a level that is equivalent to the remainder of the instruments: average.

Average… no other word better fits Regeneration. Everything regarding the style, musicianship, and instrumentals is extremely average. If you are willing to settle for generic power metal, this a doable album. But believe me, there is much more where this came from. Regeneration is merely sitting at the lower limits of power metal.

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