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Between the Buried and Me – The Parallax: Hypersleep Dialogues (EP): Review

On April 12, Between the Buried and Me released an EP which is a sort of introduction to an upcoming concept album. It is entitled The Parallax: Hypersleep Dialogues. It is a mere three songs, but all of which total a solid half hour. Personally, I preferred Thomas Giles solo effort. Still, this is a solid release from the main project.

The Music (rating: B+)

  1. Specular Reflection
  2. Augment of Rebirth
  3. Lunar Wilderness

This EP is not as diverse as their previous album, The Great Misdirect. Had it been any longer than half an hour, it would have suffered majorly from this lack of depth. However, it is short and sweet, filled with heaviness and lightly peppered with a few softer sections here and there. It is a complimentary counterpart to Thomas Giles’ solo release, Pulse.

Unfortunately, being an EP, Hypersleep Dialogues suffers from the limited time. They take advantage of it by loading it up with a large percentage of extremist metal, but it lacks the variety which BtBaM have been known to give. Still, being shorter in duration, it does not drag. It simply favors one side of a multi-dimensional band, and is not a complete representation of them.

Nonetheless, it is filled with great riffs and killer drum rhythms. They certainly show themselves to be highly capable progressive technicians, as well as extreme metal creationists. For me, the highlights of the EP are the softer sections, such as the intro (and reprise) of “Specular Reflection” and the slide-guitar section in “Augment of Rebirth”.

Hypersleep Dialogues surely has me looking forward to its follow-up. It simply is unable to do what a full-length album can do. Still, it is a very strong EP and should not be missed by fans of the band. Perhaps the concept continuation will inch this one past the finish line.

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