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[Recap] April 2011

Like February, this month experienced some notable exam time slowdown. It started off quite decently, but drastically died down as exams progressed. However, that’s all done now so perhaps I can direct more focus towards The Golden Bird… perhaps.

Not too much has happened this month, just a few album reviews. Luckily, I found one good enough to give Album of the Month:

Album of the Month: Wasting Light (Foo Fighters)

Yes, this is the almighty Foo Fighters latest release. All in all, Wasting Light is a very good album. However, it seems that some of it can do more to bring itself out of the grasp of standardized radio rock. That being said, there are some gems to watch out for, particularly the first two tracks (“Bridge Burning” and “Rope”). The overall quality is also a fair deal better than many of Foo Fighter’s previous releases, but there is still definitive room for improvement. Nonetheless, it is a job well done by the band.


I only got around to reviewing two other full-length releases this month. Both were disappointing.

On April 19, the symphonic power metal supergroup Symfonia is due to release their first album entitled In Paradisum. If you are a fan of any of the featured musicians in this record, you are most likely to be disappointed by the underwhelming experience that is In Paradisum. It is an extremely safe release in which the quality is not reflective of the band’s reputation. The instrumental performance and songwriting are not poor by any means, just far from standout. Nothing too memorable is given with this release, except maybe the heart-breaking disappointment. But all in all this is not a bad album, just not one that must be heard.

The progressive metal band Cynthesis also released their album on April 19. It is in fact their debut album and is entitled DeEvolution. I like it for what it is, but I dislike it for what it could have been. The talent and potential are present, but an unfortunate assortment of minor wrongs prevented it from clicking. But the bases are right and the future is bright for the band. There is some cleaning up required, but the messes are easy fixes which can (or preferably will) go a long way. I am most certainly looking forward to how far Cynthesis can leap from this album to the next; I doubt I’ll be surprised.


Between the Buried and Me released an EP entitled The Parallax: Hypersleep Dialogues, which is supposedly an introduction to an upcoming concept album by the band. For one who’s not a metalcore/death metal fan, let me tell you that this release is pretty darn good. It has great instrumentals and structuring, but personally I found that it favored the band’s heavy side unjustly to its softer side. Had it been a full-length release, I may have felt differently. Luckily, it is only a half hour. Hypersleep Dialogues surely has me looking forward to its follow-up. It simply is unable to do what a full-length album can do. Still, it is a very strong EP and should not be missed by fans of the band. Perhaps the concept continuation will inch this one past the finish line.

April and I

I actually cannot remember much about what I had been listening to during April, but I can give a rough guess.

My personal favorites of the month have been:

  • Artist: Ludwig Van Beethoven
  • Album: Anno Domini High Definition (Riverside)
  • Song: “Dante’s Inferno” (Iced Earth, Burnt Offerings)

So again, sorry for the disappointment that was my April. I see myself being quite busy this month as well, but not enough to keep me from you all ;). See you around!

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