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Twisted Tower Dire – Make it Dark: Review

Make it Dark is the newest album by the heavy metal band Twisted Tower Dire. It was released on May 3 through Cruz Del Sur Records. Looking at the cover art, one can certainly guess that the band is aiming to release some old-school, badass metal. It is really just something that is fun and loyal to the style and its most vigilant followers. You know, something that the band does not want to take too seriously – neither should you.

The Music (rating: B-)

  1. Mystera
  2. Snow Leopard
  3. The Stone
  4. Make it Dark
  5. White Shadow
  6. The Only Way
  7. Torture Torture
  8. Beyond the Gate

Make it Dark is highly reminiscent of vintage metal from its hard, heavy guitar riffs to its powerful vocals. Even in its production it sounds old-school in terms of metal. There are also definitely some power metal influences involved, but again more towards the genre’s the older sound. Variation is very little throughout the album regarding style; it is a non-stop assault of heavy metal.

However, this album grew stale quite quickly because of its lack of depth. Despite being less than 40 minutes, I found myself wishing the album to end at the halfway point. Make it Dark is not necessarily a bad album, but the songs are simply standard not only to their respective genre, but to one another as well. Basically, it felt like I was listening to the same song over and over again, and it was one I had already heard before. It is not the poorness in quality, but rather the lack of any such diversity which detracted so greatly from the album.

Regarding the individual song quality, Make it Dark is a decent. I would not go as far as to say they are great songs, but they most certainly fulfilled their duties to adequacy. Most of them are rather standard and uninventive and at times (particularly the title track) can even be painful to listen to at times. There is not much depth with the songs either; most value can be taken upon the first listen, shedding any need (or even desire) for repeated ones. But the instruments are all well-performed. The vocal phrasing and power is great, though there are some spots with the lyrics. The guitar solos are average, but the riffs suited the vocals fairly well. And as with most average quality music, the supporting instruments do not often come out to the spotlight. There are some nice drum fills and the extremely rare bass moment, but both are for simple support more than anything.

Make it Dark is a rather average album. There is nothing overly fantastic done in the album. The vocals are good and the tracks for the most part are decent. But as an album, it is much too repetitive and standard. And most surely, it cannot stand up to the vigour of the classic metal albums of the genres which the band is so bluntly attempting to emulate.

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