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Wolverine – Communication Lost: Review

On May 23, Wolverine is to release their fourth and most recent album. It is entitled Communication Lost and will be released through Candlelight Records. This is the first record which I had listened to from the band. All I knew was that they were progressive metal. That in itself gave me high hopes and expectations; I was not let down.

The Music (rating: A-)

  1. Downfall
  2. Into the Great Nothing
  3. Poison Ivy
  4. Your Favourite War
  5. Embrace
  6. Pulse
  7. What Remains
  8. In Memory of Me
  9. In the Quiet of Dawn
  10. Communication Lost
  11. A Beginning

Communication Lost touches upon the more melodic side of progressive music. There are some complex sections here and there, but most of what makes it progressive is its structuring, transitioning, and diversity. In fact, there isn’t really an accurate classification for this album. It is extremely well-balanced from heavy metal sections to more ambient ones and even to some electronica-influenced ones. It is not an album that can be confined to a strongly defined genre.

It is extremely impressive how diverse the songs are in Communication Lost. But more impressive, is its ability to maintain continuity. No song feels out of place in this album, yet all have their own soul and style. They can range from the heaviness of “Into the Great Nothing” to the softer touch of “Poison Ivy”, or the simplistic approach of “Pulse” to the more complex progressive edge of “Communication Lost”. With this album, there is a lot offered from a stylistic point of view.

However, at times the music can hint at some standardized elements. Some of the choruses throughout the album are rather similar, particularly “Your Favourite War,” “Pulse,” and “In Memory of Me”. They basically have the same simple drum beat and similar guitar and bass approaches. Still, this is far from generic cloning. It can just feel slightly standard at times.

But much of what elevates Communication Lost above the standard is the vocal phrasing. They are not overly technical, but they are extremely fitting and both catchy and awe-inspiring. And in a sense, that goes for all the instruments. They are not at the level of virtuoso, but they all work together highly complimentarily towards excellent songwriting. No instrument forces itself into the spotlight, but all of them push the music as a whole to another level.

All in all, Communication Lost is a great album. At times, it can sound basic and mainstream, but to the point in which the music is compromised. The album is filled with wonderful songwriting and a great deal of diversity. It is certainly one meant for repeated listens – an excellent addition to an already solid discography by Wolverine.

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