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U.D.O. – Rev-Raptor: Review

Rev-Raptor is the title of the upcoming release by U.D.O. due to be released on May 20 through AFM records. I really wish I could say more about this album, but in all honesty I know little about the band and did not know what to expect going into it. Coming out of it, I was neither pleased nor displeased; neither impressed nor unimpressed; neither happy nor unhappy. This album is neither good nor bad: it is very average.

The Music (rating: B-)

  1. Rev-Raptor
  2. Leatherhead
  3. Renegade
  4. I Give as Good as I Get
  5. Dr. Death
  6. Rock’N’Roll Soldiers
  7. Terrorvision
  8. Underworld
  9. Pain Man
  10. Fairy Tales of Victory
  11. Motor-Borg
  12. True Born Winners
  13. Days of Hope and Glory

Rev-Raptor is your typical heavy metal album. It is very guitar heavy, loaded with riffs and solos. The drums are rather basic, but hard-hitting and complimentary. The same can be said for the bass. For the vocals, the tone is somewhat reminiscent of more recent Judas Priest and Rage. The album has a bit of a Painkiller style, but not as heavy or vocally powerful. It is more comparable to Accept and Scorpions and the more classic metal.

As previously stated, Rev-Raptor is your typical heavy metal album. Nothing stands out in a good or bad way. Unfortunately, this is more of a bad thing than a good thing. It is very standard and stale and passable to say the least. It is not at all poor listen, but gives no reason to have a second go at it. In fact, there is no real reason to give a first go at it. There are so many other past metal albums that have done what U.D.O. is trying to do here, but have done so at a much higher level.

Furthermore, the album is repetitive not only in the context of its genre, but also within itself. Rev-Raptor’s tracks are guitar-based with a verse that often goes to a clean guitar which emulates a Scorpions-like sound followed by a catchy chorus, all of which have similar phrasing style. Again, the songs are not necessarily of low quality. They just do not have enough substance as “standalones” or even together as an album.

Not much can really be said about Rev-Raptor. It is neither bad nor good; it is simply average. From the instrumental performance to the musicianship, nothing outstanding is done at all. It is an album easily comparable to much of what is already out in the heavy metal scene. It is not an album that must be heard. Actually, you’ve probably already heard a better version of this at some point in your life.

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