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Riverside – Memories in My Head (EP): Review

Riverside is to release an EP entitled Memories in My Head on June 20. It has been a whole two years since the band has released any material (the most recent being the LP Anno Domini High Definition). And although one would hope that the wait warranted a full-length release, this EP is sure to please many despite its limited duration.

The Music (rating: A-)

  1. Goodbye Sweet Innocence
  2. Living in the Past
  3. Forgotten Land

With the latest Riverside release, Anno Domini High Definition, a more metal approach was taken. Memories in My Head is a sort of “return to form” for the band, in which they have a larger percentage of the ambient and laidback progressive rock in their first three albums. There are some heavier sections, but not much screaming. The last piece, “Forgotten Land,” does feature some harsher vocals, but the album as a whole is relatively light, especially compared with the band’s most recent record.

Memories in My Head is a very good EP release. But with EP’s, the shorter duration limits how deeply a listener can delve into the album, as well as how much the artist can fit in. Particularly with Riverside, the atmosphere and musical mood is the focus and the audience must be allotted a fair amount of time to fully embrace what is presented. In Memories in My Head, the music is very good. However, I feel like I need more, but the EP is simply unable to fully fulfill.

But the songs are no doubt well-written and the flow and transitioning is top-notch, as expected from the highly acclaimed band. It is not to the standard set by the first couple Riverside albums (Out of Myself and Second Life Syndrome), but is able to match the high quality of frontman Duda’s solo release, Lunatic Soul II. It is probably the weakest Riverside release as of yet, but that is less so a negative statement than a trophy to what the band has accomplished during their time in the scene.

Overall, Memories in My Head is a great EP. Unfortunately, the music demands a longer album length which the EP format is unable to provide for. But the music is great and the bands roots are fresh seemingly fresh as can be. With this release, Riverside adds another hit to their currently unscathed catalogue. There are extremely high hopes and expectations for their next (fifth) full length record.

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