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Starting Anew

Hello… it’s been quite a while, eh? With The Golden Bird, I had been going really steady for about two whole years until I hit a wall. I think the reason for my discontinuation was that I was trying too hard to make The Golden Bird a “professional review” site, or something similar to that nature. I felt the need to incorporate some sort of grading systems (for which I used letters) which forced me to create meaty chunks of text per album reviewed. Doing so consequentially pushed a more formulaic writing style and a necessity to discuss that which I didn’t want to in order to justify myself. Also, with the whole “professional” demeanor, my writing felt rather tight-ass and wound-up… well, no more of that.

In order to save the blog, I need to make some changes. For example, the monthly recaps are actually going to be monthly recaps, rather than the detailed documentation of last month’s happenings. Perhaps I’ll keep the album of the month thing going, and maybe a diary of my favorites; I have yet to make such decisions. But more importantly, reviews are no longer going to be graded. I’ll just say a few words about whatever albums I’d like to talk about (like a wedding or a funeral) and give some sort of recommendation. Opinions always change over time; this way, I’ll be able to revisit and rediscuss subjects without officially shitting on my past-self. And more importantly, I won’t be officially shitting on the bands that would have received poor reviews because, though they might be labelled so for convenience and consistency sakes, they aren’t really reviews.

Anyways, that’s that and I’ll hopefully be seeing you around this year! I wish you all a happy new year. Just like every other year, make it count!

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