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Young Justice Dies Young

January 28, 2013 Leave a comment Go to comments

Young Justice, my second favorite currently-running TV series (first being Mad Men, third being perhaps Game of Thrones), has expired. After all the unnecessary hiatuses causing intermittent grief towards loyal audience members (such as myself), a certain network decided to discontinue what I’ve considered one of the greatest superhero shows ever created. It is another disheartening defeat suffered by the brilliant Greg Weisman, creator of this masterpiece, the other which I refer to being The Spectacular Spiderman series. The greatest shame is the unfulfilled potential which cannot be denied by anyone to have seen the show. The vast scope and long-term plot developments can now only be dreamed of. The never-to-happen actualization truly brings tears to my eyes, lateral motion to my head, and fist-shaking to this under-privileged, under-educated, under-satisfied world. Thanks to all who have supported this fantastic phenomenon throughout its lifetime and curses to those responsible for its great downfall; I hope a host(ess) mistakenly relinquishes your dinner reservations at a somewhat-fancy restaurant, semi-ruining your wonderful evening.

Anyways, Mr. Weisman, best of luck in the future and don’t give up the dream! I’ll be keeping an eye on you.

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