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Iron Maiden… Satanic?

January 23, 2009 8 comments
Up the Irons?

Up the Irons?

In the music scene, the metal genre has been wrongfully assigned such traits as aggressive, noisy, satanic, etc. Really… satanic? I recently watched a live performance from the legendary metal band, Iron Maiden. This was a direct quote from the iconic frontman, Bruce Dickinson, just before their performance of Revelations in their live album/DVD, Live After Death.

“…you might remember on The Number of the Beast album we got all this crap from people about being what was it, devil-worshippers and all that kind of stuff and everything over here. Are Iron Maiden satanic? The answer is Read more…



January 9, 2009 4 comments
No better site to entice your musical thoughts

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“These lists are a source of information and debate to help guide you to discover new and better musicians, bands, albums, and songs that may truly be of interest to you,” (taken directly from the main music list page).

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