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USX – The Valley Path: Review

May 19, 2011 Leave a comment

May 31 is the release date for the upcoming USX (or U.S. Christmas if you prefer) album entitled The Valley Path. They most definitely are pushing the limits with this one: a single 40 minute track.  I mean seriously, these guys have balls. Their courage and willingness for risk is to be very fond of; their result is not so much the case.

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Place of Skulls – As a Dog Returns: Review

November 28, 2010 Leave a comment

On November 9, the doom-stoner metallers Place of Skulls came out with their latest album. It is their fourth full-length studio release and is entitled As a Dog Returns. Their previous album was released in 2006, so they have had some time with this one. However, given the amount of space between this release and its predecessor, I was slightly disappointed.

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Monster Magnet – Mastermind: Impression

November 8, 2010 Leave a comment

On October 25 this year, the stoner rockers Monster Magnet released their latest album, which is called Mastermind. The record has a rather generic feel. The guitar and vocal tone resembles that of typical hard/stoner rock, as does the music altogether. Although it is not metal, there are similarities between this album and the likes of Astrosoniq and The Sword. The crunched guitars and the vocal style are most contributing to the bands’ ties. However, the quality is substandard to the aforementioned.

Overall, the music is somewhat standard and stale. It is not of poor quality or strenuous to listen to, but it was unable to hold my interest before the halfway point. The musicianship is quite basic and mundane, while the instruments give little to be impressed with. Both the guitar and vocals are basic and merely average. The drums and bass fit the description just as well. Sometimes, the creativity and inspiration of the music itself keeps the lack of instrumental capability unnoticed. But in this case, its mediocre quality matches the ordinary instrumentals. All in all, the music does very little to cross the line that divides the stars from everyone else.

My Impression: B-

Astrosoniq – Quadrant: Review

November 1, 2010 Leave a comment

On October 10, Astrosoniq is due to release a new record via Exile on Mainstream. It is to be their fifth full-length release and is named Quadrant. By fans and critics alike, this has been regarded as possibly their best creation to this point. I would not know, having never listened to any of their previous efforts. However, a listen to this fine album left me with only good thoughts.

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The Sword – Warp Riders: Review

September 1, 2010 Leave a comment

On August 24, The Sword released their latest album, Warp Riders. Many say it is a different approach than the other albums, though I still find it unmistakably an album by The Sword. They have not let down so far, and this is no exception. Sword-fans; here’s one more gem to the collection.

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