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The Chris Broderick Story

July 20, 2010 Leave a comment

Chris Broderick recently had an interview with Guitar World. For those who don’t know, Broderick is the current guitarist for Megadeth, and he sure is a piece of talent. He describes his guitar-history, his current mindset behind the instrument, and his dreams of the future. For those of you who won’t watch this, he basically says love music and play smart. And for those who will, here it is:


The Unofficial Guide to Megadeth

April 18, 2010 2 comments

For about five years now, I have a been an avid Megadeth fan. By far, they are my favorite thrash band. I’ve seen them twice live (though I unfortunately missed the Rust in Peace show), and million times more on DVDs or youtube. On a personal level, they are the most influential band to my guitar playing and writing. Many of my favorite riffs were, in fact, created by frontman Dave Mustaine. And though he is the centerpiece of the band, more often than not, Megadeth is extremely capable on all fronts.

Megadeth (Current Lineup)

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February 9, 2010 Leave a comment

…And now there are two! Original Megadeth bassist, Dave Ellefson, has returned to the iconic thrash metal band, apparently having resolved disputes with frontman, Dave Mustaine. Looks like Megadeth is back to being a two-Dave band.

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Megadeth for Gamers

February 6, 2010 Leave a comment

It has recently been announced that Rust in Peace, a master piece by thrash legends Megadeth, is to become downloadable for Rock Band this coming Superbowl Sunday. As you know, they are doing a 20th anniversary Rust in Peace tour. It seems as though this album is forcing its way back into view.

Also, Megadeth frontman Dave Mustaine has apparently been in talks with producers of the Rock Band rival, Guitar Hero. All I know is that the talks are going well and Mustaine is quite excited about a possible product. It could be just another waste of money, or it could be something extraordinary. I am currently assuming the former. Nonetheless, I’m happy to see Megadeth getting more involved in the video game community.

American Carnage Revived

February 1, 2010 Leave a comment

A few months ago, Megadeth and Slayer (with Testament) were touring together across North America on the Canadian and American Carnage tours, though it was cut short due to Tom Araya’s (Slayer) surgical needs. However, it has just been announced that the tour is back on, scheduled from late July through to early September. The locations include both Canada and America, despite being named “American Carnage”.  If tickets to your show were canceled, it’s time to turn that frown upside down! Tickets go on sale on February 5th for most dates, some earlier. Be ready, there may be three monster metal bands headed your way!

Rust in Peace: Happy 20th

February 1, 2010 Leave a comment

To celebrate the longevity of their career, Megadeth is embarking on a special tour. It has been twenty years since the band has released what is commonly considered one of the greatest metal albums of all time, Rust in Peace. In commemoration, the album is to be performed in full. This is an opportunity that no metalhead can afford to miss!

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Megadeth – Endgame: Review

September 1, 2009 2 comments

In exactly two weeks (September 15), the highly acclaimed thrash metal band, Megadeth, is due to release their twelfth album. Since the reformation of Megadeth, they have released two albums; this is to be their third. It consists of eleven tracks, summing up to approximately 45 minutes. Though this upcoming record is entitled Endgame, it is doubtful that this album will mark the end of Megadeth.


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